nu klozet

saturday evening i decided it was 'bout time to organize and declutter my closet, since i havent bothered with it since november. i was still able to stick clothes in my closet, i would never throw my clothes on the floor, but the only way this was possible was to hang the hangers on other hangers and layer the hangers ontop of eachother on the pole. there were too many hangers. so many that it was absolutaly impossible to get another inside the closet- they were end to end to end all of the way down.in cleaning out my closet and pulling out garments from the very back, finding ones stuck onto other garments and ones shoved inside of pockets, sticking to clothes just from the static and holding on to dear life so as not to end up behing my shoe chest to never be seen again i had an even harder time fitting clothes into the closet than i had before ( even after taking a few things out to be put into my undie drawer or out to the thriftstore)and i had no other option than to go out and find some sort of exterior clothes rack.

walmart it was

then assembly, then getting to hang my prettiest clothes and hats and bags! it was fun! and i dont know where im going to put it, right now its blocking my 2nd door to my room, but there arent very many other places it could go. the farher it gets from my room, the less i know ill wear the clothes. its been really freeing,though, to not have to worry about limited closet space, and to see my nicer pieces on display, almost like my own personal estate sale.

the real closet, which still needed to fit about 15 more things inside!
big, happy, tall, open-air closet!
hanger graveyard

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Wren said...

Lovely!!! I wish I had a great closet like this!!