ragg mopp

my mom left the sprinkler broken and squirting on her way to yoga class, im pulling my hair out thinking of all of the times i sacrificed shaving my legs/shampooing without the water running to conserve water, just to listen to it spewing out of the three sprinklers on our porch into the weeds.

i like this picture my brother took of my hats ontop my clothing rack.

im watching a scary movie this morning and planning for things to wear and do this weekend, but only after i create my flashcards.

this is my dad eating his favorite meal. he likes granola + yogurt + soymilk + peanut butter + jelly, all in one bowl and he eats it once a day for dinner. i dont really get it, but all of those things are really delicious seperately so i suppose there's a good chance of them being yummy together. today im going to eat toast for lunch, with tofutti cream cheese and my dad's grapefruit marmalade, and it tastes like a lemon meringue pie or something. also, it might be nice to bake something again, and im thinking something in the way of chocolate..if so, ill only have one bite.

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Great story about the heart shaped glasses from Part City LOL