seriously sunday

my lack of time sense has prevented me from getting the most i could out of this three day weekend. i am still sort of convinced its a saturday and everybody else doesnt know what theyre talking about. my monday off doesnt mean a whole lot, mabye ill be able to get some more homework in between today and 8:30 AM tuesday, but the weekend coming to a close makes me pretty nervous, even if it is sort of like a saturday.

today we went to the first swapmeet in a long time, and while i didnt find alot of the things i look for most in a swapmeet trip, i would still consider it successful. the tally came out to: two dresses, one coat, four brooches, one barette, one pair of earrings, one ring, a framed needlework, along with the regular do-dads that are usually so hard to explain. the real gold nugget was this big ole bag of fifties patterns, which im very proud of and happy to have found. hopefully these patterns arent extra jumbo, because most of the shifts next to the patterns were.


yeah im wearing that dress again. after flipping through some "the uniform project" picures i thought i might as well get the most out of it before summer is over, which is what i said the last time i wore it,too.

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Anonymous said...

I went to the SF Flea Market on Sunday and thought of you...I got this book from 1971 on how to be a seductive witch and make love potions...also a 1940s battery powered lantern for late night adventures!