back in the saddle

thanksgiving weekend was pretty awesome at the farm. we only got home an hour or so ago, and im really tired and would rather be playing with my cat right now!

one thing that i was hoping for and looking forward to was me and my cousin's matching coats. theyre these cute vintage little plaid wool guys, i love mine. im just drawn to christmas colors anyway, so im always wierded out when people stop and tell me that i look "super festive" or something. sonja's is orange and green, and she appliqued a little granny square ontop of a hole, so in some ways theyre different. i just thought it would be cool to have matching coats. in the middle is my aunt victoria, and while we were up at the farm we went sifting and searching through the closets and the attic, looking for vintage dresses once owned by her namesake, an older aunt vic.


ill post about Hearst Castle and all the rest tomorrow.

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