over the last 3 or 4 months, ive been dealing with a ever-present backache that just wont quit and leaves me bored and angry when it disables me from being able to sew (bending over to iron, taking clothes on and off, cutting fabric on the ground). in the last 4 or 5 days its really gotten a whole lot more painful, though, and the timing couldnt be worse as ive got a stack of clothes in need of repair that just keeps growing and growing. also, ive been wanting to dive into the pile of work to get done so that i can have a whole new coupla outfits come schooltime in january, but alas, ive been forced to cut WAY back on the amount of time i spend sewing and the pace ive always worked at has slowed down from no funny stuff, serious sewing all day every second, to a relaxing, "sewing is a hobby i picked up" type work.

but today ive decided instead of laying on the couch, hating every second of my life and feeling like a failure because im not making the most of my time, im going to give myself a bit of a sick day and do the stuff i dont usually allow time for like mabye a nap, a better blog post, some hand sewing (hopefully!), quality time with my cat and any other lazy stuff and funny business that i dont get around to too often. mabye ill bake some cookies, too. not that i need any since im carrying around some extra blubber from thanksgiving, but its so much fun and i will want to stand up at some point today. i cant think of any reason better for getting up off my bum than to go make cookies...word.

ill probably spend alot of this time on the computer, also, peeking around my favorite blogs and seeking out newer ones im unfamiliar with. does anybody have any suggestions?


ill be back later today.

photo from Erika's etsy listing! somebody bought a dress with me in it, cool.


BaronessVonVintage said...

hey, don't be too hard on yourself! Give your body what it needs (NO overexertion). By the way, LOVE your coat!!!!

meena meena said...

thanks, coats cut like that are my favorite shape. i like the hood, too! i just changed the picture because i was a little displeased with how it turned out, but thanks anyway. p.s. your new name is the cutest! im thinking of changing mine around, since somebody told me theres a band called "the mome rath" now and i dont want people to think were like connected somehow or something.

Bryan said...

You're too young to have a bad back that makes you give up on work! Don't let other peoples' sympathy stop you from doing something about the problem. Here's a vintage factoid: not too long ago, women weren't allowed to exercise because people thought it was dangerous for their fragile bodies. It was also thought that women shouldn't go to universities because their brains might be hurt by all the extra knowledge. Seriously. That's where our civilized society is coming from. So you'll hear less women recommend exercise and more women sort of... not know how to help. But from how you talk about your back aches, they're serious and need committed rehabilitation; it's been long overdue. With a problem that's developed over time, you won't find a 'cure.' The sad truth is your abdominal muscles are probably atrophied and your lower back takes up the slack. That's what I've dealt with for years (and weekly, hour-long massages didn't help in the long run), but since I started running.. well, you know how that story ends. :) Luv ya. An' can i has a cookie too? :P