my day off..

..Went pretty alright, though i still have a sore back. i wont be complaining about it right now, since bryan snapped me into a different point of view with his comment left on "Breakin'". today i made a vegan apple cake that tastes very good, i hemmed a dress by hand, i worked on my sewing machine briefly but managed to break yet another ceramic thing-ive been incredibly clumsy, and this week its been especially bad. during these pictures, i actually threw three things off of a shelf by putting my camera in a bad place, then tripped on one and shattered its feet. so sad! i feel terrible about it. i dont know if i believe people can be just clumsy by nature, but i think part of my problem is that i drink alot of coffee which makes me jumpy and so i tend to knock things over with exaggerated hand gestures, and also my hair is so big it can sometimes obstruct my view and make it so i cant see all around me. im breaking all of my things, though!

the day after thanksgiving, my cousins, brother, mother and i all headed down to the atascadero thrift shops. i found two really pretty dresses-the white one here


and a 60s red and orange shift thats super glamorous and nice. i also found a fire king bowl-with-a-handle that im using as my own personal cereal bowl from now on, it holds the perfect amount! at another charity shop, i bought a petticoat that i didnt check the label of when i bought it, but later i saw it was actually very old, from a company called Mar-Lo of Hollywood or California or something like that. what a nice surprise! also, a skirt and i think one more thing but i dont remember what..

this weekend i also bought a really nice lipstick, which i dont usually wear but i thought, since im going to be eighteen soon, i ought to invest in some big-girl makeup.


today i stole some persimmons and fed them to a horse across the street, who craves them all day, im told!


Tom Bailey said...

You have a unique blog - the vegan pie caught my attention. Vegan is an interesting word to use around this time of year.

Interesting blog

Wren said...

I am loving the pics hanging on your wall! What great finds! I hope your week starts looking up!


HUzzah! Vintage said...

looks like a great find in that white dress. Oh, how I wish I could be trusted around white clothing...