merry, merry, quite contrary

this has been a bit of a bum christmas for me, as ive been majorly sick the whole time. i had alot less fun this year, my lack of energy made me appreciate my presents less and i had no holiday spurrit to help me forget about all the other problems in my life. ive been sleeping too much, eating too much and feeling bad for myself. also, im getting way to emotional about stupid stuff, like how i couldnt eat the chocolate my dad bought me because it wasnt vegan. now, im not trying to pull anybody down into this slump with me, i did have alot of cool stuff happen to me this christmas and i got alot of neat things and ate yummy food and everything. im just tired of being sick evvvery holiday, it seems, and im not even a trooper about it, i resent everybody who got to enjoy a healthy couple of days when i couldnt. i couldnt even wear the nightgown i made just for today!

wanna hear about all the good stuff that happened, instead?

i recieved a serger from my parents, which is going to help me out alot and just make my life better, and i cant wait to use it! my cuz got me "Handmade Nation" on dvd, im saving it to watch with my friends. i just burned through a visa giftcard on a ton of beauty stuff from the body shop, including a bunch of cool makeup and 3 really nice acne products..and i guess im getting to the point where i pick out my own presents because im hard to shop for, so i got a bunch of previously-mentioned dresses from santa. plus some cool tidbits like caffeine pills (huh?) and super-nice coffee, cute under-oos, Betsey Johnson tights and a paper loom.

*dress from Erika's etsy

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Love Simone said...

What an adorable dress! Love your hair as well :)

Merry Christmas