pillas, pillas, everywheres.

this are my kitties. the pillow was knit and done up by me, but i didnt notice how uneven the eyes were till now. xena has adorably and strangely adopted this kitty pillow as her new nappin spot, maybe because its a good size for her, maybe because its knit, or light, or new, but id like to think its because its a cat.



today i went to some regular stores with my mom. not thrift stores, which is wierd for me. i actually found a cute dress i really liked, though! i am, again, asking for my parents to save it for christmas. i just have a problem with buying a dress for some normal price, when i could have actually bought like 4 dresses for that price yesterday. and thats sort of typical for someone who is spoiled by second-hand prices, but im serious you guys. it makes me crazy.

tonight im going to finish editing a red dress i got for a buck at the gemological institute's rummage sale, along with a fringed peach bow-tied totally christmassy dress (which is done and ready to wear) and a church robe that im not sure why i bought, or what im going to do with.

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