saturday evenin'

monday and tuesday are supposed to be very cold and rainy..for that reason i guess its ok that i couldnt get my license yesterday, because i might not be able to drive in the rain.i cant wait to wear my dresses without sweaters and coats someday soon! but now is the time for coats and all that jazz, so since i always complain about not getting the most use out of them, ill try and make the best of the weather.


heres one dress ive been dying to wear-one of the several vintage children's dresses i always find at one woman's stall at the flea market..i like the cut, its easier to wear than most of the dresses i have.

i cut my bangs the day before my birthday. i got pretty sick and tired of waiting and hoping for my chin-length bangs to start looking good, even though i couldnt stand my shorter bangs at some times. i made the best choice i think. im pleased with them but i think they could be shorter..one of the major reasons i wanted them is because ive been into wearing my hair in a topknot and like to have bangs when i do that.

today is almost over for me. to do yet are my two newest dresses, which are up on the clothes line drying. i got them on my birthday! one is a brown, sixties, peasant-y dress with owl buttons, another is a red and blue checkered muumuu thatll look smashing once ive had my way with it!

what are you guys planning for this weekend? i wont be going flea marketing, i dont think, so my agenda consists of just embroidering, sewing up these new treasures, and trying to get my textbooks online!(when i was flipping through the required books for my fashion classes, i noticed a few of the most hilarious and ridiculous titles ever..i hope they arent as stupid as they sound!)


Indy said...

That dress is too cute! Yay for thrift store finds!

Katherine said...

Is that your room?! I love your walls!! And what a cute dress too!!

Alyssa said...

Adorable. It reminds me of the 60s "shortie" nightgowns. I too re-cut my bangs recently. I find the swoopy sort useful because I can either put them aside or leave them as they are.
Your weekend sounds better than mine! I've got work both days.

meena meena said...

Katherina- thanks, my room is truly my pride and joy!

Alyssa-bangs are fun, im even more happy with them since slicing off another inch or so.ill do a little research on these "shorties", old nightgowns are such fun!

grace said...

i love your blog. your pictures are pretty. they look like vintage magazine spreads.

Anonymous said...

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Annie, Time Enough for Drums said...

Great pics. Check out my blog for a special award to you! Annie.