Haute Mess Award + school news

as you know, i started junior college on tuesday! its been pretty great, i love my classes, the only problem has been the constant rain! one focus in my fashion analysis class today was that "first impressions are lasting impressions" and i hope that nobody remembers me for the impression i left today...i sure was one "Haute Mess" running around campus with my western-style muumuu practically blowing over my head in the wind!


i wore my "sheriff Joshua" pin today to look even more western, which one of my classmates thought was "hot"..hehe.

i cant explain how great it is to be in school, now! i havent been in a school with people and classrooms for years, getting dressed and being out of the house for once are both so nice. when i come home the few hours before bed fly by really quickly, but i still find time for my crafts between classes and when bryan has class an hour or two before me, or gets out late. right now im working on an afghan! the last project i worked on before starting school was this embroidered pillow, for my friend, erika.


ill make one for myself soon. ive been working out this dress idea that i wish i had time to make right now, but ill have to pound it out this weekend or not at all! thats the only shame about not being home nearly as much.

now, to this Haute Mess Award!!


Annie, of "Annie, Time Enough For Drums" has passed the award onto me! If you havent been introduced to Annie yet, you must check out her "Summer Series". my favorite edition is #4, but i covet every dress she owns!

Now, seven random facts about myself
1. I like to think that im sort of psychic.
2. I am always, always wearing socks at home.
3. I am a vegan 4 lyfe and i love vegan baking!
4. When i was a kiddie, I went fishing with my Poppy and when our marshmallow bait fell into the lake, i jumped in to save it and couldnt get back out!
5. Recently, ive re-ignited my love and obsession with Martha Stewart and especially enjoyed her "favorite cookies" DVD, which i highly reccomend to people who like cozy things.
6. Friday is my "clean sheets day".
7. On tuesday, i fell on the crosswalk (which had those raised bumps) and now i have 5 polka-dot bruises on my knee..now i look rugged, which is what i always wanted.

now, 7 bloggers who light up my day with their posts, and who also get to do the same to their favorite seven!

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Anonymous said...

You look great! Love your random facts, they made me smile :)

theue said...

vegan for lyfe! yay! i enjoyed learning more about you...you're darling.

Sunshine said...

aw thanks!!!!
i saw this post this morning but couldn't think of any random facts at all to reciprocate with. so, random fact: i am not so good at thinking up random facts!
congrats on being back at school. i always wanted to study fashion.. totally jealous :)

Alyssa said...

Aw thanks! I'll post about it tomorrow. :D

Anonymous said...

i saw you at school! palomar in san marcos right?! i was in my car and i saw you walking in the parking lot with a boy that I'm pretty sure is your bf or something haha.

meena meena said...

HAHAHA oh my god anonymous, thats really funny. yep, that was me!

BaronessVonVintage said...

Love those pics of you...and just love hearing about your adventures! Great random facts....and THANKS for the Haute Mess Award (which I think is the coolest name for an award EVER!!!!). xoxo

Rachel said...

Thank you! Your blog is great!

Camelia Crinoline said...

Thanks so much. I gave you the Kreativ Blogger Award over at my blog. I love your embroidered pillow. It's so cute.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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