Kreativ Blogger Award and a busy night

ive been pretty anti-vest at times over the last 4 years or so since they really got popular and were sold at malls and things, and when i did find a vest to love and wear, i never would wear it open. my favorite outfit this week, though,has been my homemade, embroidered dress with a denim vest worn open on top. its not a bad look at all, and it doesnt look at all grungy or sloppy, i dont think, so id say it was a vest success!


today i failed my driving test. im pretty sad about it, but because ive been so crazy and emotional this week i dont know if im even stable enough to say how much of a disappointment this is without taking it over and above any rational reaction. in fact, ive pretty much set the standard for crazy behavior last night when i cried the entire way through "(500)Days of Summer" for no real reason. oh, and today i almost ran over a kid.

before the movie madness, though, i set out to makeover a burnt orange sweater of my brothers using a tutorial from Queens of Vintage, adding a fur collar and nipping it in by several inches and it turned out really nice. the problem is, though, i feel like a total butthead wearing fur, and even though its old and yadda yadda yadda, the fact that im encouraging wearing fur as the hip thing to do is not cool by me, and i cant deny that im doing just that, so for now im going to reserve it for wearing at home or passing off to someone who doesnt have as much of a beef with fur as i do. teehee "beef with fur" vegan jokes.


heres the finished product! today i wore it with jeans and ended up looking sort of sixtiesish, even though the sweater's styling makes it look a little older than that.

movin on, movin on..

the Kreativ Blogger award! its cool that you guys want to award me with cute titles, i appreciate it. its also fun to gain more followers, its been a long time coming! this award comes from Camelias and Crinolines, a blog ive recently found and enjoy.


like the Haute Mess award, ive got to list seven random facts about myself and i should tag seven more bloggers, but to be honest im not a major blog connoisseur and cant think of any more blogs, really, that id want to tag! you guys are all Kreativ bloggers to me, your creativity keeps me interested in your blogs and inspires me every day!

1. I have a problem with unfocusing my eyes when im looking at people, alot of the time when im talking to my boyfriend he just fades out of focus and i think everybody knows when im doing it to them. this is a bad habit.
2. i have probably 60+ hats in my possession.
3. i also have a surprisingly large cape collection.
4. i dont like wearing hoop earrings
5. I have a really good memory of my childhood and can remember a good number of events even back to 2 years old.
6. ive ridden llamas and camels.
7. I quit smoking a few years ago and im pretty proud of that.

back to my homework, then! ive only got 2 textbooks out of the five or something that i need, so im pretty freaked out right now! fortunately, its fun fashion homework and not calculus or anything.


Camelia Crinoline said...

I'm sorry you failed your driving test but you know what I'm sure next time you'll do great and pass. I love the fur sweater. I always wonder if I should be wearing second hand fur and leather since I don't eat meat but I figure at least it's being used for something instead of being thrown away.

Lily said...

Awww sorry about failing your driving test! I also failed my first test. You'll be awesome next time.

Great vest! Would you believe I haven't owned a vest since I was about 11. It's not that I don't like them (I actually think they're awesome), I've just never got around to getting/making one.