30 bills

last night sinead, sinead's friend hannah and i went to san diego to go see some bands, but we were denied entrance since none of us are 21 so we just went home..it was a bummer and a waste of a good outfit. at least i got an opportunity to wear one of the capes i got at an estate sale about a year ago, which i havent worn yet..embarrassingly, i left the price sticker on it and didnt realize until i was home later that night.

i did my makeup real cool..


i followed the same procedure that i saw on youtube for edie sedgwick makeup, but this time i extended my eyebrows out with brown pencil and darkened my own beauty marks.

this weekend has been a major bust, since sinead and i got kicked out of a party by some wierdo who started crying when we got there, and we didnt even know why..so we bought some red vines and watched Antoine Dodson in our friend Richard's cull-de-sac.

i went on a terrible date last weekend, and homeboy is still harassing me for the cigarettes he planted in my purse (obviously just so that he could see me again when he would have to get them back)..and i didnt even know it was a date, so even if i didnt dislike him as much as i did, it grossed me out that he was so eager to like turn the night into some emotional, romantic thing when i wasnt prepared for it or expecting it. and if he had asked me out on a date i would have refused, so i was pretty annoyed by that..dating sucks.

also, im pretty sure i didnt get the job at the vintage store since i still havent been called back, even though i went in four times (you would think people would be courteous enough to at least let you know when you dont get the job) so today or tomorrow im going to try to run into the diner in town cause my friend said theyre hiring..waitressing sounds alright, and ou make tip$!


BaronessVonVintage said...

good luck on the job front. Your hair, makeup, outfit = PERFECTION! Like a living doll!

Bethany Kellen said...

you're so lovely!

Love Simone said...

Well even if your weekend was a bust, your cape and makeup look fantastic!!

Also, I've definitely had one of those sneak-attack dates happen to me recently. They're awful! One minute you're having friendly conversation and the next they've taken out a bottle of champagne from nowhere and are scooting closer to you on the couch.....eek!