kitty kisses

I got a new kitten! i am so in love with her. Shes very perky and frisky and sometimes a little annoying when i want to sleep in and she bites my face, but for the most part i love her to pieces!


I quit summer school..which im happy about. i failed spanish and couldnt recover my grade, but at least i did pretty well in my other class..better luck next time, i guess. I went through some crazy break-up and bad situation with my ex boyfriend, which made concentrating difficult, especially at the end of the semester (i quit 2 weeks before the end of the course)

In the time i have off before fall semester, Sinead and I are going to visit my cousin in San Francisco, which will be amazing, and as soon as we get back well start working to move out next semester..ive been trying to apply in all sorts of places, and tomorrow im going to return my application to a vintage shop an hour away, which may not be worth the drive, but im still hopeful ill be hired there, otherwise its time to make some follow-up calls to the shoe store.. :(

I did really well at my last trip to the thrift store with sonja and jens! i got three really cool dresses ad a bunch of other stuff, but im thinking of making a tumblr so that i can just post pictures of the stuff i bring home and i dont need to have a story to go along with it...if that is what i end up doing, i might just move over to tumblr and use that as a place to chronicle my shopping adventures and other outings.


this dress was a little girl's princess dress that had cigarette burns all over it (??) and so i hemmed it..i wore it to a photo shoot that my friend and i did for a stylist competition were entered in.

Sunday is my father's birthday so we'll all go to little india, which should be a treat, as usual. theres lots of cool vegan-friendly restaurants and grocery stores..my family loves to go to foreign food markets and bring home cool treats. lots of the sweets are vegan, which rocks my world...mmmm candy

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BaronessVonVintage said...

congrats on your new kitty!!