vote for meeee

hey y'all! im competing in a stylist competition through the mall and in order to win i need as many votes as possible, so of course i turn to my gal pals in the blogosphere! please honeys vote for me every day until the 14th of september! i gotta win..think of all the lipstick and pantyhose i could buy with 1000 dollars (probably the only things id ever buy through the mall hahaha)

love you all!


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Tabitha Crowley said...

not to be a party pooper or state the obvious, but Winston looks like he could use that money way more than you with your plush living room, California accent, white skin, daring style, good looks and smooth-talk. be gracious! "noblesse oblige!" no offense but you seem vain and simply weird, completely absorbed in an irrelevant mall style contest- it's a bad look. For fairness-sake and the preservation of your own dignity and reputation, Win should win. your friends want to see you do something unique held to your own standards, not limited to this. this summer you've barely posted anything "Marina" on your blog. the coolest thing you could do if you did win, which you easily could, would be to give the prize to Winston, get your higher-education, and advance to the next levels in your career, not waste more time with this. life's too short to waste on this. this poor guy doesn't have a choice- he has to shop at the mall. he's poor. his friends would be so stoked if he won, yours wouldn't. if anyone important saw how much energy you've invested in trying to convince people to vote for you and how you've accomplished little else in this time, they'd be turned off. your parents obviously have wealth- their couches, house, their well-heeled daughter. his parents don't. it's just unfair and makes you look horrible. but, maybe you feel more proud failing to meet your own high, unique, admirable standards if you feel like it's you-versus-the-world, that a 1000 dollar prize (which would be months away anyways) and your need for it makes you a "starving artist" working her hardest, but that's an illusion. we want you to make a lot of money, gain all the notoriety and respect you deserve, and win the ultimate prize by making small sacrifices in the short term. your loved ones are ignoring this contest not because they don't appreciate the work you've been doing for years, but because the good work you've done is _really_ good, your future is promising, and it's all yours, nobody else's. accomplishments are stepping stones on the path toward success, but the steps are taken with quiet grace, not loud bragging. in handing the prize to our boy Winston you could gain so much more wisdom and respect than if you 'win,' which could really be your loss. you could even earn his friendship and the support of all his Temecula friends. if you won they'd probably resent you and everything you stand for. just looking out, playing Devil's advocate, your Forever Fan- Tabitha