bummer post

it seems to me that alot of the girls whose blogs i follow are either happily independent and single (and successful, finding fulfillment elsewhere) or are in super stable relationships, because i never, EVER hear about anybody dealing with the same single girl woes that i have..

first, nobody ever wants to approach me other than old men (im talking 50+) or really nerdy guys who confuse me for like..some live action role player who is walking around in their costume. second, i have a really hard time after meeting someone, trying to get them to understand im not like a thoughtless idiot who just hangs out looking at blogs all day and thinks about clothes! im a complex, artistic, thoughtful, analytical person, you know, and just because i dont know about the latest buzzbands doesnt mean i dont have anything to say...people get an idea about me that i have some holier than thou mindset, or that im objectifying myself and have no self respect, because i clearly only want attention and positive reinforcement...neither of which are true.

as you may have seen in my last post, i met this really nice dude and we were talking every day then he just stopped communicating with me completely..i feel like he probably didnt understand what i was about and didnt think i had an opinion, but the truth is i just dont have an opinion on the things hes interested in.. and honestly im okay with the fact that he doesnt want to get to know me after getting the impression that we dont have anything in common. im just pissed that i will more than likely deal with this dilemma until i find someone who is on the same page as me (and im not looking for some vintage-wearing boyfriend who shares all the same interests as me, no way)..i just want someone to get to know me before deciding im uninteresting. i want someone to value me and i want someone to think the things im spending my time doing are cool and...blegh anyways. being single sucks, i hate dating, and the fact that i live in loserville,califoria where nobody is hip and any fella who wears cool clothes and has interests in obscure crap thinks hes the number one stud makes me wanna forget about finding a guy as long as im here.



Bethany Kellen said...

this is actually the problem with my life. i don't get hit on unless it is by old men (or stared at my old mexican men) and i also live in loserville, california. and no one talks to me. the last boy other than my ex-bf that i was interested in also stopped talking to me out of nowhere and now runs out of buildings when i go in them. literally. i wish we could find a better way..

Jem said...

I just found your blog today, and I can say that I am happy that I am not the only person who thinks the same thing about other female bloggers. It feels like they have this ideal life, and these fabulous supportive people in their life who just get them, and I always fail at finding that for myself. People find me too intimidating because of how I dress so no one approaches me I always have to approach people and I rarely do because I am shy. I feel you. I am glad that people like us are not alone in the blogging world, thanks for sharing your point of view.