golden krinkle

no, a golden krinkle is not a delicious dessert, its a new hat i just made! i didnt come up with the name, i found the pattern on Tea With the Vintage Baroness' blog a few months ago..i wore it today for a trip into san diego to sell some of my old clothes at a buy/sell/trade store.



the pattern was super easy..just a crocheted tube. the difficulty was trying to understand the draping and pleating instructions, so i got sort of creative with the instructions..either way i love the way it turned out and i couldnt be happier. it brings me back to when, in highschool, all i did was crochet hats for my friends and myself..i havent made a hat in ages, its nice because its such a quick thing to do and for me, its nice to have an urge to make something and have a finished product in a short amount of time.

i used an avocado green yarn and a super tiny hook, and a vintage hat decoration, im not sure where i bought it. i also used some milliner's feathers my ex's mom gave me ages ago, these particular ones were very downy and actually secured themselves to the hat easily, im not worried about them falling off.

i wore it with my 'Hungarian madame' outfit..a bustier, shimmy, costume dirndl, black tights and heels (my favorite combination for a cotton skirt/dress)and a carpet bag. my friend chaz gave me 2 giant boxes of really fabulous vintage and the bag i used was one of the gems of the bunch, not my usual carpet bag. i would have liked to wear this if it wasnt so hot out. i expected it to be cooler since san diego is closer to the coast, but guess not. parking was terrible, so i went to whole foods and bought a cookie to use their customer parking spot, which wasnt that far from the store i had to take 3 trips to, but in high heels, with the heat, carrying garbage bags full of clothing..it was not a great scene.

i ended up making 50 bucks and bought my friend ronni a pretty dress for her birthday, which is on tuesday. we'll be going to a thai restaurant i think, just me and her pals, so itll be really nice. i also bought an orange and white striped pinafore for myself and a pair of red flats with giant beaded bows, which arent really my style but ive been wearing alot of embellished flats lately.

etsy and ebay have been really hot and cold..i accidentally set up my ebay listing incorrectly (my first time) and sold a really cute dress for 1.75..such a bummer. then, last weekend i made 70 bucks on etsy, and i havent sold anything since. its annoying, but at least its money. i have an interview at a forever21 on thursday, hopefully i get the job because its not local and i wont have to see anyone i know.


D A V S said...

I know what you mean about hot and cold on etsy, I had a couple weeks of money coming in here and there but lately it's just been dead! Oh well, I suppose that's the way it goes. Good luck on getting that Forever21 job.


p.s. Are you on Twitter?
and here's my links if you're interested:)


BaronessVonVintage said...

great job on the hat!! I kid you not, I am currently in the process of making one myself! This is inspiring! Hurrah!

meena meena said...

yes! ill be excited to compare our interpretations of the design..i cant wait!

Lecon de vetement said...

I just mentioned you as one of my fashion inspirations here: http://fashionforestry.blogspot.com/2010/09/fashion-love-by-fashion-forestry.html

It would be really cool if you commented on my Facebook, and post a little bio about yourself, I think my readers would be really interested and I want to spread the word about you.

here is my facebook fan page link:

cant wait to hear your bios!
I will post the most original in an edit on my blog ;)

Dial V for Vintage said...

What a cute hat, I love the colour! :)

My Hideaway said...

Lovely hat! I haven't crocheted anything in almost a year, and this is inspiring me to get my hook back out:)