bubble girl

at some point this week ill do a video hair tutorial for this sorta bubbly, curly look..at the moment ive been way too exhausted to film myself putting in my curlers before bed, so ill probably do one on wednesday.

my first day of work was yesterday and it was so much fun!! i work at a really really huge forever 21 but im so glad they didnt fire me after this weird social security fiasco i experienced on the day that was supposed to firs be my first day. the work environment is totally fun and all my coworkers were really sweet to me. some lady even pulled me aside to tell me that i had "tons of personality and great style sense" which really made my day. i love working at a store instead of in food! yay!

i made a turban this weekend, which i probably should have made when i first was getting excited about that look but sadly ive put it off until now, which means ill probably only be able to wear it for a couple of months until everybody has one..its crocheted in a goldish green yarn thats really beautiful and autumnal..i used a picture of barbie in a turban for a reference. it turned out great!

on saturday sinead came over so we could work on our terribly boring collage assignments for fashion illustration..i stayed up really late but it was ok. i took pictures of my coif to give an idea of the style ill be demonstrating in the tutorial.





D A V S said...

I want to see the turban!=)

sixcerezas said...

I like your hair!!

Anonymous said...

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