dirndl diva

erika my vintage pallie came up on a whole stockpile of vintage Hawaiian dresses, skirts and bathing suits. the good stuff. i modeled for her the other afternoon, which was a ton of fun and i didnt even get tired of taking off and putting on clothes for a few hours because her pieces are so great.

after our hangout, i went to an open classroom thing for my design collection class so that we could work on our pieces..im making pretty good progress as far as that goes, out of the three looks i have to present ive done most of the work on a skirt, im midway through a sweater, and ive made the front of a drop-waisted paisley dress. im not so stressed out anymore.

then on saturday, last night, i went to a little party thing that my friend threw at a house he was house sitting. i got pretty hammered, which i try to not do, but since ive lost my whole sunday recuperating. i think im going to stop drinking unless its a special occasion (not that i even drink that much anyways) because it throws off my diet (which is going really well, by the way) and i cant be productive.

i dyed my hair a fluorescent yellow which im really digging, its Manic Panic Electric Banana and its pretty awesome. eventually ill get to blonde, but i dont mind dying my hair kooky colors while i gradually transition to blonde..its kind of necessary.

sinead and i are going to be a lion tamer and a lion for the halloween costume party were going to..im going to be the lion, since my hair is so kooky i think its fitting, and im going to wear a brown leotard and make furry ankle bands, wristbands and a mane out of faux fur (which i might work on this rainy sunday if i dont do anything else). itll be super duper cute!

work is still totally rad and i love it.. im working alot and its nice to make money. i havent thought of any big purchases im dying to spend my first paycheck on, so itll just go into saving i guess. also my etsy (which you should check out on the sidebar by my blog header) is going alright and its been pretty steady.


i sent a little care package to this girl who wrote me a cute type-written letter thanking me for some things she'd purchased on my etsy, i love sending those out! does anybody want to be pen-pals?


Bethany Kellen said...

i'd love to be a penpal :)

erika.peach said...

I had so much fun Marina!!

Anonymous said...

It's a shame that you think you need to go on a diet :(