the sweats

ive spent all day it seems inside working. ive been making a little birthday present for bryan, its taken much more work than i ever anticipated and his birthday is in four days!theres nothing good on TV and ive been stuck on Doctor 90210 and doctor rey is getting to me.ive pricked my finger half a dozen times, and my caffeine from earlier is wearing off, leaving me with some mean sweats.i feel faint when i stand up, and my heart is beating quickly,very uncomfortable.


i find myself getting very angry when i cant thread a needle or when a particular part of the project takes longer than it should.ive never worked on a time crunch before, its awful!the thing i do the most is hem a dress before an important day or fix a seam for a friend, but this makes it unenjoyable. my halloween costume has gone onto the back burner, i dont see myself doing anything that night. i havent made a dress, but i did get three fluffy feather and mesh onesies that would make for a cute costume.we'll see.

i made myself the first truly yummy vegan sweet recipie ive come across yet. they are coconut bars with dark chocolate and walnuts and theyre delicious. i blame some of my jumpiness on a sugar crash, ive eaten so much!ive also really taken a liking to the soy icecream from the health food store,i had some green tea flavored that ive almost finished, and mint chocolate pint.it makes for a wonderful breakfast.


speaking of breakfast, i happened to spill mine all over a little boy sleeping on my floor this morning. my brother had a big slumber party and 7 or 8 little boys littered my hallways,poor fella.

i talked to my ouija last night and it was different spook who asked to be called nicolas. he was a little bit mean and a little bit gay,i think.ill go play some of that to calm my nerves for a while,it should be nice. I GOT AN OLD BATTLESHIP!one more game for my pile.but where, oh where, will i ever find a vintage clue?theres got to be one SOMEWHERE.i watched Harold and maude for the first time the other day, it was my favorite netflix sent yet.

good evening!

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