bicycle chocolate

ive made myself some little terrariums. i went on a hike with my mom yesterday, and picked up some lichen and moss and sticks and a pretty sun-bleached snail shell.

i took a spaghetti sauce and a banana pepper jar and cleaned them out really well. i had to plant the moss in one part potting soil, one part clay and one part sand, because moss is supposed to grow in very poor conditions.the lichen i think grows more on bark and wood and that sort of thing, atleast i think.

my little book of terrariums wasnt much help at all, it was mostly for underwater plants and that sort of thing, which are also very neat.


its raining this morning,im going to take my new umbrella out for a run. xena is ontop of the dryer, its on for the first time in months because of the rain and she likes the rumble. and ive got to go to school for a test, and then off to work.

i had mint and chocolate ice cream for breakfast, and a chocolate bar. it was very very good and it made me want to jump and kick around my room.

last night i had alot of dreams about shopping around in malls and there were odd cabanas with lots to eat in them.i think it was raining in my dream,too.there were also bicycles.

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