one two buckles buckles

i only managed to get one picture in before my battery-gobbler camera sipped the last drop of my duracell, so i suppose your only choice then is to photoshop the hell out of it.


this is the most glorious faux for coat i bought from St.Vincent De Paul, i bought two, this one and a longer wool one. both are very warm. i like this one more than my other furry coats because its so shaggy and worn, almost like a carpet.

actually, alot like a carpet.

i bought a giant petticoat, i tried it under a squaredancing skirt and i thought it was adorable, mabye one day ill get up the guts to wear it. the problem is,though, that i have nowhere to store it now. its a massive white cloud hovering around my sewing table.

i havent felt in top shape today, sort of sick and very sweaty. i want something to do tonight. mabye ill head back to the ouija board.

she told me a bedtime story today,
Once upon a time there was a princess named Little Missy
She had many men who wanted to kiss her, but none of them wanted to marry her.
Then one day, she met a prince who wanted to marry her and kiss her.


oh golly i wish i could just collapse into a vat of pillows.
but first, ill eat another brownie, i made them and they are wonderful. i love chocolate.mabye if i see someone this saturday night, ill let them have one. or mabye ill bribe someone to take me out with one.

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