so you think you can dance?

another weekend of nervy-ness comes to an uneventful close.
its really beautiful outside, too.
id like to see you more than i do.

ive spent this morning doing homework and arguing. I had a terrible wake-up.mother woke me up telling me we werent going to go to the swapmeet, because it was raining. i was just beginning to feel sleepy and comfortable,too. jens went on a date with his girlfriend. they went to the bowling alley, which i think is wonderful, i want someone special to take ME to the bowling alley.

but really.

i worked on a new skirt, it looks like a marching band lampshade. i bought a few yards of golden fringe, and am sewing it on the bottom of the skirt with a few more pretty ric-racs.i would take pictures, but there are no batteries, which it depressing because writing here is very theraputic, and taking pictures of myself would be a nice thing to do.after i lay it all down i might be able to get on with my day.

i dont like sewing on my machine very much. i do like crocheting and hand sewing little bubbies so much more. the machine is so loud and harsh, i dont really get anything from it, other than a finished product to enjoy, that makes it worth it.im planning a few projects. the little red hood is out of little red yarn, and the color hasnt come into the store yet.ill give it another week or so before i can pick that one up again. I made a little boba cup christmas ornament for my boss, and im planning on making a food mobile for myself. ill have forks and eggs and sandwiches and all of these lovely things for eating, and theyll all float around.sort of like my neverending hunger cycle.i cannot wait to have my own kitchen. it would be so nice to have my own little place to eat and cook, i like to think about it alot.

i also have plans for a cape, ive got yards and yards of this lovely tweed that i could make a cool tiered cape with, and id put in a cool hood, too.i have all of that psychadellic ( i can never spell that word correctly, but i dont need to use it very often, so thats alright) mushroom neon print canvas, im not sure what to make out of that quite yet,either. i think it would be too loud in any skirt and rather obnoxious, i might just make a curtain. id rather wait for some wonderful idea to come along, and use it then.

oh bryan bryan. i do so wish you would call me, i miss you too much in two weeks. im not supposed to miss you though, so ill try not to. was talking to my brother about how horrible it is to wait by the phone all weekend, because i wouldnt dream of calling a boy to come see me. is that what im supposed to do? i think thats a little odd, though. like ive been waiting by the phone all weekend and now im taking matters into my own hands!! i had a funny dream about him,though. i also had a dream about a girl, and in the dream we got into an argument, and the next morning she had deleted me. i wonder if she shared the same dream, wouldnt that be interesting? this teenager dating thing isnt much fun at all, but if i was on the outside looking in id say it was pretty cute. oh me oh my. if i wasnt me id want to spend time with me.

im getting old waiting by the phone!


somebody save me!

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