stop that

ive spent today at home.sick.

actually alot less cute...more like spit,eghhhhh,sneeze,hack.

i called in sick and have been having a pretty great day, when i forget about being sick.i slept in, watched a special about the first phonograph, danced wildly around/with/for my cat, drank tea and went for a lovely walk. i also have been breaking my fingers trying to punch out this pair of boots ive been making.they are wonderous though, and youll see many many pictures of them when im done, which will hopefully be soon.

ive had the most interesting dreams, its odd because ive woken up at six-fifteen PRESCISELY every morning, and i know when the dream is about to done, thats when i wake up. my body is a sweet little dear, among my favorite parts is my tongue that is absorbing all of the delicious flavors of this bowl of fruity pebbles. i think i can tell the pebble flavors apart,even! you go, girl. but this late-night bowl is going straight to one of my least favorite body parts, the tummy-wummy, so ive got to go jump jump jump roooope with my knees and feet and aching hands, all spinnin and hoppin!

ive been feeling very inspired lately, it comes to me in floods every couple of weeks, and i try to remember it all and run on it for the next several days, ive just got too many things to do. the best part is finishing, really and then knocking one off of the list.

my room is a very big mess, and it makes me feel bad to be inside of it with a cold. almost like i have a sixth sense for germs that i become hyper-aware of when im ill.


ive been having a very ugly day, my face is erupting and ive been getting a little bit fat. the pictures i tries to take today all turned out miserably, partially because im just sick im hoping. heres another one of the coats i just bought...i must take it up,though. its a tad "flasher"

oh goodness, i need to look better by the weekend!
atleast i got some new good music.

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