we all scream for ice cream!

what a strange day. the only way i can really describe it is scratchy. its been disgustingly dry and itchy-my sick nose is throwing a fit, and ive been coughing and thirsty and my lips are a dry crackle-y mess.

ive made a huge long to-do list for the weekend
-english homework
-american history homework
-paint bathroom
-clean bathroom
-get ready for etsy shop
-paint etsy backdrop in the shed
-finish boots

ohh boy
ive only accomplished one, and thats paint the bathroom. ive just finished about an hour ago, and ive been trying to take it easy and let the headache from the paint simmer off. its a pretty minty- limey green and im so glad ive gotten rid of the magazine pictures. i think most teenage girls go through phases of taping pages of magazines to their walls, too bad i glued mine! i paid jens a bottle of hair product to scrub some of the soggy papers off.it took me two whole hours to finish the thing, but it will be well worth it, now that i dont have to read that same magazine articles on the walls everytime im in the shower!

i havent gotten the opportunity to work on the boots today, im deliberating if i should work on that or start for the rest of the day and just do all of the homework tomorrow. i might just do that.theyre turning out lovely,though. i cant wait until theyre finished, all tall and high and puffy.


i like to put feet things on my hands!

i went to a few garage sales and struck gold, indeed.
ive got a big box full of things-
a set of canisters in mustard and burnt orange, a few shirts for the shop, a set of three puppy dog busts, a bedazzled donkey, a pretty wicker purse im not sure if i should sell or keep, some teacups, some pretty fabrics, an old IHOP syrup jar, some mushroom salt and pepper shakers, a pair of pretty woven wedges, a glittery rhinestoned vest...i might be forgetting some things, but it was marvelous!

i wish i had a cute boyfriend to drink out of my matching teacups. i have two sets now of his and her floral teacups.pretty thoughts.

bum bum bum
lah lah dee dee

im going to make myself a cup of tea and get started on a better part of the saturday.

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