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i am supposed to write about six things that make me happy. ironically, in my diary the other day i was writing a complete list of all of the things that make me happy.ill narrow it down to six, right here.

1. cute animals! everybody loves a cute little fuzzy creature. theyre so fun to look at and they are fun to play with, too. their fur is always soft and their paws are squishy and pink, and their mouths are clean. i like the sort of food that baby animals eat, like milk soaked dog biscuits and pudding-like kitten food.

albino koala.
even the word sounds warm and cute rolling off of my tongue.

2. board games. i have a large collection of board games, or if you wanna be sassy you can call em bored games (hurkhurkhurk), but i love them. mina are all pretty old, but i dont have anybody to play with, so they sit there on my shelf most of the time. i bought some new ones today, actually.


you can see here that they are all stacked ontop of one another, on the television. i would like to have a nicer place to store them, rather i would like to NEED to have easy access to them. as if i would need to be able to grab one quickly, because so many people want to play with me that i would need to always have one handy.

my current collection consists of
-chinese checkers
-the game of Careers
-Mr. T the game (oh boy oh boy!)
- 2 Twisters ( one newer that i bought just because i knew i needed one, and one i bought today because it was old and funky. the mat just looks better, too.
-Swivel, this outrageous game where you tie yourself and four people into a belt system, attached with a swinging pendulum in the middle, and you try to knock off one another cones...it is the strangest gave ive ever seen, but the people at twister were perverts, i believe.

3. foods eaten with spoons. my favorite thing about foods eaten with spoons is that the process of scooping it up is almost effortless. it is very graceful compared to the almost violent, attacking motion made by the fork. aside from having excellent form, spoon foods are just yummy! there are some obvious choices like cereal...
1.raisin bran
2.fruity pebbles
3.apple jacks
4.fruit loops
5.cracklin oat bran
but one good thing about spoons is that you can dig one into a jar of peanut butter or cookie dough or a pint of ice cream, and suddenly it doesnt feel like youre REALLY eating it, more like it just happened to fall on your spoon rather than putting it into a bowl and tearing into it.

4. hankies. when i get to garage sales and thrift shops on the weekends, im almost always guaranteed one thing, and thats a hankie!they are EVERYWHERE. you can look in the underwear bucket at the thrift shop, and they are sometimes hanging out in there, and when i go explore inside a big box at a garage sale, i can usually find a few monorgammed old hankies. theyre ladylike and so cute, arent they? i feel so darling with my little hankie. i always need one too, even if its for the least ladylike of reasons like washing ketchup off of my blouse.


theyres gotta be about thirty in there. the sad part is,though, that some are just too too pretty to use.

5. vintage lingere. the funny part about old lingere is that i find it so very un-sexy, the puffy sleves and trapeze-cuts, but i think theyre just so cute and endearing! some of the pieces i have are pretty terrible. there is an atrocious fuschia pleated robe-type number that i bought a year or two ago, that i just cant put on because its so bad, but theyre nice just to have and look at. ive got some fluffy red sets, and a cute little feather and mesh teddie 3-set in black, white and pink


ive got a pair of fluffy feather heeled mules that i wish i had somewhere to wear to, but for now they just sit in my closet getting older than they already were!

6. the golden girls!! im not a huge television fan, but there are two stations that never let me down- hallmark channel (for little house on the prarie and the waltons) and lifetime (for golden girls and reba). my love of the show started when i was home with strep throat last year, and cruising through television stations at ten a.m. in the morning is usually a joke- just the tail ends of infomercials and the opening scenes of bad sitcoms targeted to housewives, but i stayed on the only station not playing one of those things, and lo and behold a golden girls fan was born!


i see myself as a dorothy, but i sort of wish i was more of a rose. id love for her to take me away to St.Olaf, Minnesota for christmas...

thats me!

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Anonymous said...

hey i'm a new reader and i love your blog. You write so freely and you express yourself so well.

I was thinking about getting a diary, do you have any suggestions in where to get a nice one? where do you get yours?

keep blogging! :)