dear diary

i was commented on my tagged survey post by someone who asked about my diary. i love my diary very much. right now im writing in an old diary i bought at an estate sale that nobody ever wrote in, except for some days where they wrote things about greek gods and a horoscope, which is nice to find every once in a while. Its green leather with "1960" in gold on the spine. it has gold-leaf sides and a golden ribbon, but that fell out. It was marked for every day of the year, but i write about 4 or 5 pages at a time, so it quickly got all filled up. im waiting to hit the actual date on the top, it should happen soon.

i had a few diaries before this one that i liked alright. i had one for a few months that i ended up abandoning after my brother read it. i sort of had trust issues with these little books for about a year, until this summer. i broke up with my boyfriend and was stuck at home alone with no neighbors all season long, so it was neat to find companionship in my diary and run off into some avocado orchard and pound out a few pages. I painted that diary with some leftovers from a project, and it became scratched and scraped and i filled it with cutouts from magazines and flowers i picked, and i carried it with me everywhere, but it was stolen from my work. i wasnt very upset about it because i knew whoever read it would enjoy it, the only sad part was that i wouldnt ever get to look back on it.

i buy most of my journals second-hand, or at funny foreign gift shops. they probably have interesting ones at pier1 or something, but i end up painting and sewing on them anyway. I bought my next diary at a thrift store this weekend for a quarter, its a thinner one and a pretty tartan plaid.




i used to like to pass the time at work writing, but when im at home ill set aside a half an hour or more just for writing about things. i like making some tea (thats my new favorite owl teacup), hopping on a couch or bed, putting on a cool record and burning some incense. i can sort of create a special enviornment for writing and drawing, and it makes the whole thing so much more enjoyable than writing on a desk right before bed.

i write about all sorts of things like what i want to wear, what i want to get done and i also make lots of lists. lists of things i like or lists of songs, a ranking of cute boys and things like that. i can stick all sorts of things in there like dried up dandelions or labels from a cool old dress.


heres me using up some leftover watercolor paints.

when i write i sort of write as if i was talking to someone i was very close to, with alot of "you know what i mean?" and "yeah, youre right." i find it makes me a little socially akward,though, not being able to talk to other people like i talk to my diary. i just make a piont to write in it frequently, and to not think about anybody else who could read it. it never feels like a chore,though. its a good thing to have, i like it alot.

thats about it.

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