mittens and pickled beets.

its saturday afternoon today.

its cold and blustery and cozy, it feels good in my room, though, and ive been in there all morning, working on my cape project. ill put some pictures of that up, later. its very pretty,though.

i finished at twelve, photographed and uploaded it by one-thirty, and have been on the computer since, dabbling and puttering around. i feel bad, i spend hours doing absolutely nothing on the computer, usually just going back and forth between my two myspaces.now im actually doing something productive- my homework. yes, once again im watching a video while writing. its alright, though, because the narrator is using that old radio- personality vioce, because its a video about world war two.

i volunteered at a thrift store that i liked on wednesday, it wasnt as fun as i thought it would be. i badly wanted to go with a camera and take pictures of the back rooms and funny old ladies, but alas, out of batteries. i wore a very pretty outfit, though. it was one of those rust colored kangol hats, with a very pretty green-teal colored long sleeve teeshirt, a high-waisted taupe skirt, and a pretty pair of chocolatey colored booties with a pointed but square heel.

when i got there, there were bags and crates and boxes of ornaments for me to organize, filled to the brim with lights that didnt work or ornaments of silly christmas props. i layed all of these things out on a few tables, and it took me a very long time, almost an hour for the two! soon, all of my work was trampled over by women searching for things that glowed and sparkled, and i started folding sheets, then organizing books. the books were really easy because about 40 percent of them were all danielle steele novels, and they fit together perfectly! the others were romance novels, too, just about the same size as the others, so it wasnt a big deal at all. there were so many things that i liked by the end of the day, it was sad to see people buy them! there was an old recipe box, metal and painted pink and worn, with a collection of hilarious recipies inside, like cream cheese wrapped inside a slice of bologna. it was perfet for my mom, but it was taken. there was a hat i was going to buy for someone, it was pink with a big puffball ontop, and it yelled KOREA around the bottom folded over band, with flags all over it. i passed, but im sure someone else wouldve drooled over it. there were two tops i bought, one a pretty peach colored short sleeved sweater with a nice crocheted neck and sleeves. i bought some yarn and other crafty stuff, too.


the other shirt was a brown and yellow 70s fly-collar blouse that i liked, but i need to get gussied up to wear that sort of ugly but cool stuff, ill look sloppy otherwise. one thing that i bought was a little brooch, it was a little arts and crafts project mabye made by an old woman or a little girl, its so sweet. but the one thing that interested me most was that a blog that i had read earlier that week had posted a picture of one nearly exactly like it!


my favorite thing in the store that day was things like this, they were handmade and christmas-y and the person who put together these old ornaments took so much time, and so much thought, and they are so much more charming that a plastic or glass ball.

i want someone to love me for christmas!!!

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Sunshine said...

o it is too cute! what a good find. i like that the thumbs on yours go the same way, whereas on mine it looks like a glove for the 6 fingered man.