the upside of downers

its been raining every day since monday and its a lovely day in the neighborhood,indeed. i feel so cozy inside the house with warm air and my snuggly kitty. days are better like this. the views from outside our windows are lovely, everything looks greener when the dirt is black with moisture. there are big fat raindrops hanging on the flowers and giant red berries in the yard, and our baby vegetable patch is pretty as ever, with their new leaves all unblemished with big nibbles and sunburns. i wake up to this every morning.


i spent the day with new friends on monday and we went to the dollar store, where i bought my favorite candy-belly flops. they are the messed up jelly bellies, the siamese twins and giant lemony clumps. michael kept spitting out the popcorn ones.

today i dusted and swept, then put a couple hours into fixing this coat i bought a month ago. it was long and a little masculine, and since the arms werent the best fit, i needed to shorten it up to make it more feminine.my camera is a jerk, and the pictures kept getting blurrier...


...and blurrier


...and blurrier!


what a bother, but just a small one compared to all of the other bothers ive dealt with today
-the 2.5 hour repair on the coat
-missing homework to do
-i'm loosing sensation in my fingertip due to the infection i had, most of my fingerprint peeled all away and ive had a hard time sewing and crocheting
-im trying to cut back on my caffeine intake and its hard to not have a mug infront of me all the time
...and im terribly lonely.

i think im going to spend the rest of my day downloading music and trying out some homework assignments, writing long diary entries and fussing on my ouija. im not feeling up to making stuff, really.im exhausted, and i think its okay to spend a few days off.

someone dance with me!

and lets dance upside down!

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