im feeling myself getting back on the crafty wagon. last night i made a pair of pillowcase shorts that i love so much, ill put of pictures of them later. theyre cute.

i love dreams when i make up places. i like making up houses of friends or the way my mind distorts places i already know when im sleeping. sometimes i have dreams where the places i know get really scary, like when ill be walking down main street and the whole thing will get really steep. alot of places can be made scary very quickly just by tilting them upward, im so scared of that sort of thing. anyway, last night i had a cute dream about living in some beautiful city where i lived in the basement, i would open up my door and i would be on the street and i loved it. pretty things happened there, too.i cant wait to leave here. i dont need anything fancy. i still want my trailer, badbadbad. ohhhh,home.

this morning im going on another cereal diet, just to get back into some old habits of self restraint that have gone out of the window and to feel fitter, id like to lose about 4 pounds of this burrito weight i put on at school. also, i just cannot stop making cupcakes! these vegan cupcakes will be the death of me, ive made myself some chocolate chip and coconut ones and more recently i made "jimmy carter cupcakes" from a recipie in the vegan cupie cookbook Vic sent me. theyre dedicated to jimmy carter because of his love for peanut butter and because he likes solar power..? works for me. theyre peanut butter flavored, but instead of using frosting, i used my daddys homemade jelly.

i wore a perfect outfit yesterday- just my kinda thing. an old moth-eaten wool sweater(one of jens' that ive been taking my pick of) and a grey thick pleated skirt with a pretty necklace and some beautiful purple tooled leather flats(well almost flat, theyve got a sweet little one-inch lift on the heel). it was a little like pinnochio. ive been watchin The Shining very often, and ive loved the primary colors and really young and cute things little Doc wears, ive been inspired by a little more recent interpretations of childerens looks, like the seventies trying (but sometimes failing-hilariously) to do iconic childerens looks, like overalls, but adding this really cute seventies flair like bell bottom overalls! or little boys cardigans with the collars showing, but the collars are really big and manly. its funny because i dont know if they really thought about how the big fly collar almost made it obscene. there are very few things more proper for casual wear than a sweater or sweater vest with a starched collar peeking out, but when they make it huge and unbuttoned it made the toddlers look like little bad boys with their collars all unbuttoned and their baby chests peeking out..i think its the cutest time for kids clothing.


-paint bathroom
-make my mom take me thrifting (fingers crossed)
-brush my hair...oh god.

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