see no evil

i went to a themed party last night. ive always thought that if i had the means to throw parties, like an empty house or endless funding for booze, i would have themed parties only. it was a fifties themed party, which was pretty easy for everybody to get dressed up for. i still brought some cute scarves and hats and stoles, but they were STOLEN!!! stolen stoles.

that was the worst part of the night.


but i wore a grey uniform skirt i bought recently, beige pumps, a rust-colored hat and a faux-fur collared cardigan. my red lipstick was rubbing off all night, i cant help but wonder how they kept the lipstick on their lips and off of their teeth back then! star looked especially cute, too. she wore a navy blue outfit with a very wonderful hat.


we drank maaaany martinis, which have left me with one of the most enduring and ugly hangovers of my life. i slept with my cat all day until 3 or 4 in the afternoon, when i debated if i would rather just try to sleep into tomorrow, but i didnt. i got up and i took a short shower, where i washed my hair with shampoo instead of what i usually do- just use soap. it feels really nice. i ate just...so much food today.so much! i had soup for breakfast and for lunch, but between meals i was having more soup, vegetables, tortillas, granola, and these little onion fritters that i love. its alright, though because i figure i might have really needed it, unless im mistaking these churning feelings in my stomach for hunger instead of a burned up tum-tum.



i went thrifting with my mother today, and i did well...as always! i got a bunch of skirts, some shoes and hats and a game and a bunch of blouses, a red cardigan and a red blazer.. it was fantastic! theres nothing like mustard yellow on an old pair of shoes to cure you of your ills.

im going to the farmers market with my momma tomorrow, and the swap meet, too...hopefully. i just dont have any room for anything more! i never get tired of new things, even if i buy a car-full of things everyday. oh i am so bad. im thinking i would like to move my sewing machine into my little brothers living room and make a little workspace out there and put a cute sofa in my room instead to sit on and talk to people on the phone on. i saw a really cute old one from the seventies at a thrift a few das ago, but just as expected it was gone the next day.

the next themed party is supposed to be 2050, haha. thank goodness im such a timeless beauty :)

if i could throw a themed part it would be...
-farm animal
-career day
-opposite day
..hmmm im runnin out of ideas.

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