southern california

these are the kinds of things im going to miss when i leave



and especially this


went to the swapmeet today, i scored bigtime on like 5 or 6 dresses and a great coat...mabye two coats i dont really remember. ill show you later.im so overwhelmed i cant really even type. im going into my room for a while to sit and think and mabye nap, drink me some tea, and write in my diary. ill burn up some of that yummy green tea morning star incense, too.

whenever i get home from a swapmeet i want to die. i just get so overwhelmed with all of these things! im going to try to organize my closet today, simply because i will never ever find any of these new things in the closet with all of these things hanging in there.i dont have anywhere to put them and it drives me wild! im thinking skirts and summer jumpsuits should be the ones to go into the big chest.

i had spaghetti for lunch, im going to go have a guava for dessert, we bought a bunch of tangerines, some mangoes and some guavas!i love lunch dessert much more than dinner dessert.

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