there were a bunch of wierd parts of matts party, but as long as everybody had a couch to sit on, it was okay. he got a bunch of couches from...somewhere.im not sure where, actually. but people were pretty uncomfortable. the most conversation i probably had with anybody was with morgan and tammy waiting for the bathroom.


the funky bunch.
-aimee looks very feline
-bryan and i just hung out by the radiator all night, i guess.also, i think he likes white shoes.

thats it, pretty much. there is supposed to be another party on friday but i am not going. im a little theme-parted out.

today ive got to go to school, take some tests and study with my teacher for another one. i just want to be home,though. thats all. im wearing a forest-green sweater of my brothers - i have a love/hate relationships with cardigans. usually, i think theyre pretty tired and boring, but sometimes i just find a really great pullover or 50s cardigan and it sets our affection for one another on fire. the problem i have with them, i think, is that theyre just so easy, you know? its like sweatpants for a dress. people give effortless garments alot of attention, but id rather get credit for assembling some outfit around a complex and interesting jacket than a limp cardigan. the thing i like about them though is how preppy they look, especially in fickle weather like this. i think it might look a little less sloppy because im wearing it with a pleated skirt instead of with something like drainpipe jeans or leggings- both looks i really detest. I might be confusing a good sweater look with a bad one-the kind of big huge ugly sweater with rite-aid shoes and a giant tote bag look popular with trashy fallbrook girls right now.

its green with a V-neck and it has a country club crest on it- La Rinconada ~Seniors~

im trying to decide what i want to do today. i feel like i could spend a whole 'nother day sleeping, but i wont. ive got a netflix comin', i wonder what it could be!! i could spend my whole life just dreaming about matt's wallpaper, if i wanted. lots of green things today- my sweater, matts dreamy wallpaper, the grass after the big rain, and my breakfast of a giant avocado on some tasty sourdough bread.


heres to you.

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