the I in ROY G. BIV

today is monday, truly.
a real monday, it feels like.

i went out last night and with the help of others more responsible than me, made it home by midnight, only slightly tipsy, and boy,am i thankful. i couldnt imagine the frustration of my linear equation problems with any trace of hangover left in my system, im sure i couldnt do it. im already as frustrated at ive ever been, to the point where im brimming with emotion and anger and tears, but im glad to atleast have an excuse (the internet class locked me out-stupid internet) and im getting ready to go to my school and blame it on my teacher, right now.

my mom is lurking around my shoulder, hold your horses...i hate it when she does that.

heres my new coat, i love it. i might name it.


its the most prettyprettypretty indigo color, velvet,with cropped sleeves and its a wonderful length, everything about it is marvelous!

im going to wear it everywhere and love it forever.
im also going to go eat a taffy.

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