little purses

with a pretty nightgown
flipping through an old album

these are some of the things i bought sunday-i cant believe that was yesterday. i typed yesterday and deleted it when i thought oh no, that wasnt yesterday,couldnt possibly be. twas,though.

the nightgown is my favorite color, the robin's egg blue that is in matts room. i might actually sleep in it. my coonskin cap is my prized possession right now, and the album is clearly from the sixties, but a little kid wrote 1965 on it with magic marker and it makes it even cooler. im happy to find photo albums, but this one has no pictures in it. i might stick pretty things, notes,letters and bus tickets in it, more of a scrapbook. id like to find a place to put all of the notes ronni has written me,along with some little secret specials.

i went to school today where i was impossibly tired, came home and ate some tomato soup and little veggie pastries, but now my fingers reek of onion and soy sauce. i dont really want to think about how my breath even smells. the cool thing about being a vegan is alot of the tofu products are seasoned really well, i get to taste lots of flavors i probably wouldnt, normally. my mom went to the grocery store and bought a fatty tub of hummus, which was better than christmas morning finding in the fridge. she forgot my nasty instant coffee,though, so i might just be exhausted constantly for the next few days. makes me crabby,though, without it.

other than that i dont remember what i did-at all. i remember watching TV for some portion of the day.. then fixing a dress. i must have spent the last 2 hours on the computer after my walk, ohnonono!but im downloading some new music, i like this band Glass Candy, its good.

these are some charms i bought for free, they likely came out of a cracker jack box and im going to put them on a pretty charm bracelet. binoculars and a pink compass, so ill always know where i am and see where im going.<< did i just say bought for free?


im feeling nice today. contented and warm and smushy-lipped.

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