math is broken.
its not my fault, its math's fault.
no,really.the internet class im taking right now is broken without repair, this has happened to me twice now and last summer i had to drop the class so that they could fix it.

i studied and studied and finally understood, and then it marked me wrong, which im used to, but when they showed me the correct answer, mine was the same! unfair! unethical! inhumane!!

im hanging out on the computers now, trying to figure this jazz out,without ripping my hair out and scalping myself. i like books so much better, i like to hold them, even. i dont know how much of an advantage that gives them over computers because you cannot really lift computers, but still.

i love all of the things on my walls, all of the ugly pictures. usually embroidered flowers or trees or quails, and lots of owls and mushrooms. i saw a mushroom shirt at the thrift store the other day, it was forresty and cute with an advertisement for a national park on it, but i didnt buy it for my little brother, it was too big. aside from framed stuff, there are lots of little magazine clippings from stolen national geographics like pictures of lobsters and fleas and farmers. my cat likes to look at this collection of mammal and marmoset pictures i have, its strange because i didnt think she would respond to a picture, but she paws at them like she wants to play. i call my cat lots of things but alot of the time i call her little bear, and tell her a story about a little panda bear who wonders away from home and then never grows any bigger, and we all think shes a kitty but shes actually a bear. i like mammals.


here are some ugly mushie paintings i bought. im thinking one day ill have ugly pictures all the way to the floor. id like that.

i was looking through facehunter today and i was trying to find boys clothes, i dont know much about boys fashion since its not disgussed very often, so i was just trying to find things i like. one of them is jeans or trousers rolled up just a little bit to expose the ankle bone, especially with very cute socks. i dont like the way they did it in Sydney very much, not with cargo pants or anything haha. but its sweet and cute and they look like skinny little farm boys, which i think everybody can agree upon is cute. skinny boys are always cute,though. i dont know if skinny boys ever gat fat, and i dont know why they are that skinny either. does it mean theyre limber? athletic? i think girls that skinny are much more of a rarity. mabye all of these boys are eighteen or nineteen and just ending their growth spurts, or they just have speedy metabolisms. i dont know much about boys, anyway.

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