i can be quiet

i woke up at ten-fourty five this morning, like i went to bed at ten-fourty five last night. thats an entire twelve hours of sleep, spent dreaming of b., shampoo, giant falling buildings made of cement, floating, health food stores and hills in deserts. i woke up and nobody was home. ive got to take the clothes off of the line soon, and while im doing that, ill try to pick myself some greens for my salad. im cuttin back, but not really.

last night i watched milk, which made me want to be a fabulous gay man and be gay emile hirsch's boyfriend. i really dug his gayness. the electricity died in my room again, right before i made myself some tea so that i could stay up and work on some prjoects. i ended up staying up much later than usual, but soundless and machineless, starting a new project-the last thing i need. its just a little embroidery poster, not a sampler but a little bit like one, i want to work on the even-ness of my stitches and i figure i should start a smeller project just to have on the bus when i need it. i finished my peachey-dress which doesnt look great, the hem is really uneven and it fits terribly. it fits so poorly that when i turn to the side you can see a big gap where my boobs are and there the bust actually starts, and light shines through it. it needs work to not be so ugly, and ive got other things to do than work on a broken-down dress with no room to sew.


i caught a bee this morning in my kitchen window and let it out. it was a fat black furry one, like the one i found dead on the street and put into a jar.

this morning, last night, and the rest of today will be spent angry and bratty. so unless you're calling to tell me you love me,everybody just leave me alone.


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