waking up foxy

feeling bad, feeling terrible, feeing wonderful, then cancelling eachother out to not feel much at all.

i stayed up a little late last night watching the godfather, with other things keeping me awake,too. but mostly excited that the godfather was there to keep me company. will called, matt called, i called others, telephone night. reading night. spilling night, and yelling night and exersize night.

i dont like waking up sad anymore, or feeling bad any more, so im going to mean what i say, say what i want, do what i want and love as much as i can. doctors,too. and lots of making. im leaving school after this thursday, then i have a whole 3 weeks without school. i could spend it at home not doing anything, i could spend it with bryan or friends, but i think it would be best if i found places to be. i need the people. i like people. i like places. i dont mind riding my bike, either.


i dont like waking up and thinking something has happened that actually didnt. that happens alot, expecially with b. sleeping was nice last night. i sort of wish i could just sleep for the next few days, until school is over, and wake up with everybody circled around me like the wizard of oz.

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