mall shopping?

today i went to the mall with my mother and little brother to buy some new bras,even though i didnt. i bought a new nightie,though, panties,and a shirt to sleep in, because i dont need any more clothes for the real-life.

my mom enjoyed a custom-made cupcake at some store. it was mini, and inside of the store there was a crazy couch.
i love kittens, but not asthma.
jens bought a super-bouncy ball that looks like a lint moon rock. he was bouncing it in the dark because he likes to take risks.

todays outfit was a big difference from yesterday's post's bow and skirt and cardigan combination, but i wore my new hunting cap yesterday night, and wanted to wear it again,today. i wore my dulled rainbow flannel, my goldie hawn boots, a green perma-prest uniform skirt, a cable-knit sweater that i found my missing vegan chapstick in, and pilled knit tights. im making the most of my winter clothes before i cant wear them anymore, just so that i can enjoy summer clothes as much as possible. even though ill probably just be spending the majority of my time in pajamas, like now.

the mall wasnt very interesting, i didnt expect it to be. jens hung out in the candy store for a long time. if i spent too much time there, i knew that i would end up buying something for reasons that dont work with the raggedy things i already own and it would hang in my closet forever, so im glad i just purchased underpinings. its fun to shop for my mom,though, and pick her out pretty things.

i really ran out of things to do today at about 4 o'clock. i ate, i wrote in my diary, and i couldnt think of anything i really needed to get done or wanted to start on or complete. i almost finished a ghost finger puppet,though, and my stitches look very tight and neat, in a way that seems different than how my work comes out normally, even though my work is pretty uniform. jeepers,creepers.

forst day of school,tomorrow. my teacher's name is Mister Major, cool.like General Specific or Major Minor on Sheep in the Big City, that old cartoon.

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