hunter gatherers

im really growing to hate this time of day again.
im remembering how much i hated the still light outside 8 oclock summer night part, its annoying. i could be sleeping right now, its past eight and i know i could do it, but if i spend the whole day sort of looking for things to do, then go to bed really early, ill feel like tomorrow i have to make an even bigger deal about finding something to do and i probably wont, and itll start me down the wrong path for the rest of my summer.


i just miss talking to bryan on the phone and seeing him, i need a buddy.

so far in this week, ive learned that:
-television really,really stinks when you know that you have nothing better to do
-i dont sweat as much at home than inside at other people's houses
-people get touchy about their wheatgrass
-not thinking about important things in order to save myself from the stress isnt any way of managing my problems
-the idea of meeting people and trying to explain to them who i am is a huge task after knowing bryan for two years and never really needing to explain anything
-coming to terms with the fact that i really do spend all day making things just so that i have something to do, not because theyre even that important to me (while they are being made.. i mean theyre more like unplanned pregnancies, i love them anyways)


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