whats a matter with ya?

this morning i was really inspired by misakomimoko's etsy shop, what a cool collection.

today i am going to finish my me puppet, number two. the first one i made and couldnt really get the hair right.


i need to find the perfect button nose (even though my real nose is anything but a button) stitch on freckles, mabye embellish some, with brooches or a beret..mabye some more. a purse? eyelashes?


i would like to go to the library, except i have no bicycle basket so i cant really get any books back to my house. i got a new library card the day before yesterday!


kerri ní dochartaigh said...

i really hope you're ok. xx

sabertooth said...

its nice to hear that, thank you. im okay in the best way i can be, im trying hard to get better. things will get better.