i havent had enough of us



bryan and i went on a break starting tuesday.
we talked on the phone, and he is going to call me again next tuesday.
he sent me a message today, and a comment yesterday, which i wish i wouldve replied better to.

i dont feel bad about anything, i feel like mabye i should feel bad about being on a break, like there are alots of things being implied that im not catching on to or just arent really phasing me. its a confusing position because i feel totally uninformed and out of the loop with him, yet pleased by where i am and seperate from his life in some ways.

i asked my ipod what things would be like on tuesday and "Children's Limbo" came up. whatever that means.


anyways, i fixed a dress ive had for a year in my closet laying around today, which im wearing there, and was a part of that pile a few hours earlier, the pile of dresses and garments to be fixed.

and a picture of yesterday's lunch, a bagel with two different toppings because a bagel has two sides, and i wanted to take advantage of that. today i had pea soup.

im going to spend some time ouija-ing today.now, actually.

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