my new shortened jumper

it took me only a few minutes but im dying to wear it somewhere. too bad there arent any in-crowds to even aspire to be a part of.


the label on this onesie, as well as alot of older labels, has really gotten me thinking about the appeal this had on the hanger, the mood the label set, and what theme it was supposed to be a part of. i dont feel like wearing it in any egyptian-y way, but it would be a good idea to, and i may not have thought of that had it not been for the label design.


when i do wear this, ill probably want to wear it either with this cool "its a small world"-esque cardigan, or sans cover-up with some knee-highs. what are your opinions on onesies right now? theyre trendy, it dissapoints me. and im usually the last one to jump on board with a trend, instead avioding it at all costs to make sure nobody draws any bad conclusions about my personality based on my taste. but the onesie really really suits me, its exactly the type of thing i want to wear, its absolutely my asthetic, and even though any tomboy tone is something to be wary of in my book, the shorts instead of a skirt seem so right-on,especially with a more embellished upper. but are they out? are you sick of them?

but in real-life

for the last half-hour ive been contemplating another little internet irritation, and my conclusion is that in the long run all i want is for the people i love to to be as proud of me as i am of them.

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