ole lucy lu

my stolen pup Lucy died last week, but we just found out right now.


she died on my neighbors (her rightful owner's) doormat. first her only puppy pal died, then the old woman who fed her fried chicken died 2 weeks ago, then lucy died. the last time i played with her she layed on a blanket in my room and watched me crochet, and i tried to take a picture of her but she squirmed. i plucked some fleas out of behind her ears and she left. i was just reading someones blog about their dog dying this morning, moments before i heard the news. and all week ive been wondering where she was, but she has a tendency to run away for a week to someone elses house, then come back to ours.


she was the best dog because she was only our dog when she felt like it, then when she got tired of us she would go somewhere else. she would herd my kitty inside when it was time for her to get indoors for the night, and watched our bird when it was dark out to make sure nobody got her, and she had a cool haircut and one blue and one brown eye. she ate avocados,too.

i dont think ill ever get another dog, but lucy was the best one and the only one i ever had, and i liked her better than any one ive ever met.


Wren said...

I'm so sorry to hear about this! My old pup passed away in March...It was weird since he'd been around almost 15 years..

sabertooth said...

lucy was fifteen,too, but we only had her for 3 or 4 years, im not sure if this would have been harder if we wouldve had her the whole fifteen, but it breaks my heart,anyhow. she was just this old lady dog, so considerate and polite. so much personality packed into this dog-person.