one reason im very glad i dont have school

is that i can go to estate sales on friday mornings, when the merch is still fresssssssh.


a rack of beautiful clothes i almost bought all of


i ought to start dressing better to estate sales so i can take better pictures.
cool hats and purses there but i stuck with the clothes


mama in a pretty blue coat


all of my gains.

im going to just start letting people treat me however they want. mabye thats what trust is. you can tell me whatever you see fit. dont take into consideration the way i might react, dont treat me in a way i dont deserve, just do what you want knowing i have nothing else going on. know that even though everything makes me sad, i have no other option than but to get back up,right?

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Estrella said...

I was very sad about not having school anymore , but now that you mention it that its a very good reason!! you are totally right! and by the way, i just opened another blog, i hope you visit it! cheers!!