for walking

in these recent weeks ive been sewing up a storm, much more than i crochet or knit anymore. mostly because i dont have any space anymore for little things (or big things like that giant caterpillar) and i dont need any more hats, and i dont feel up to spending tons and tons of time on any projects like a coat or a dress. so im sewing, sewing things to wear, like the pinafore and the skirt i made, but yesterday i made a pair of undies that i cant get on, made from an old bathing suit pattern that required a zipper. which i never would have guessed a bathing suit would have, so i skipped over the "notions you'll need" part. today i hemmed and tried really hard to fix up my flying monkey- esque coat, to shorten it and keep the hem looking really neat, but it puckered like hell and my hand was very unsteady. i ironed as many of the puckers out as i could, and ill go looking for some sort of rick-rack to go over the stitches, mabye making it look more like a flying monkey coat than ever before. and the inside of the coat is a whole 'nother story of ugliness and sloppiness. until then, im going to be working on those pieces i mentioned earlier today. that dress looked significantly brighter, whiter, eighties-er and polyester-er after a wash, so ill tea-dye it i think.

some new shoes i bought today and forgot about.

tomorrow im heading down to oceanside with cousin sonja for some swapmeet shopping.


Christines memory said...

Thank you for your comment, and yes, granny squeares are the cutest! I wish I knew how to do them myself!

Estrella said...

hooooo, i fee totally the same, so tired to do big stuff! although i want to but i cant get my self to do them! too tired!...luv the shoes!!