me and fits


i like short people because whenever i see a short, fashionable person, i imagine them as little childeren who were either introduced to clothing earlier than the rest of us (even though theyre oftentimes older than me,haha.) or were gifted with an impeccable capability to dress-up in the wildest of outfits without missing a beat. both of these are just fantasies about what it would be like to be someone that isnt me, and made up things that sometimes arent politically correct. but when i get to thinking about it and sorting out the nonsense, i really believe that short women look alot better in high-waisted pants than i, that short hair on a short girl is very charming, little hats and tiny accessories are worn better by a littler girl, and sometimes, a short person with just a little extra chub wears it much better than someone of my height.


i could dismiss those shorts as just some eighties jeans cropped up and dressed up, but it would take alot more work than to just give in and say i like them. in fact, im going to try to find myself a pair like these and trim the legs off, but i think the key here is in the pleats, the right amount of bagginess, and the texture, above all. a heavier jean would take you right back to the saved by the bell-esque cutoffs that threaten the perfection of this pair, and if i were to don a pair of my own i would take care to make sure there were no unnecessary holes ever.

my cat just confronted the theivin' neighbor cat in the kitchen!it was wild!

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