through n through

these are pictures from a month ago, when bryan and friends and i went into temecula mall country for some elastic. i might have posted these before, if i did, i forgot. and if i did, im not going to take them down because im not in the mood. id take a picture of the new shorts ive made today, but my batteries are dead. or i show you a picture of how neat my hair looked after bryan and i talked on the phone last night.

it was a melon flavored soda from japan.
ronni and colin came by today to drop off something for my little brother and didnt come inside to say hello, which i wasnt dissapointed or shocked by, and i didnt come out to say hello either. its possible that the people close to me will be noticing my bad behavior more than ill apologize for, or correct. mother dearest wants me out of the house, and i sent bryan an un-thoughtout email earlier this afternoon, which i sat down to try to make up for but couldnt really muster the energy for. i find myself at the end of a day without anything done, and all i have to look forward to is sliding past my boogie man monster mom safely into bed tonight before she comes home from work "soo exhausted!!", like so many other nights in this house. how lucky for her that she now gets all the (negative) attention she wants, shes not thoughtfull enough or respectable enough to hold that honor having earned it fairly.


Bryan said...

some friends we've got..

sabertooth said...

i know, what a night to forget.