two hunderdth post

feels just like yesterday i was posting my one hundredth. neither mean much to me more than a time to spend a little while figuring out if writing and taking pictures and "documenting" are worth my time.

happily, my two hundredth post's contents will be good and not senseless blabber, i made a dress today and thats the sort of thing i like posting about the most. its a multi-tiered, christmas tree-shaped, polyester fray-fest (ive never worked with fabrics so cheap! theyre falling apart as i type), comprised of two secondhand scrap fabrics-a lime green and an aqua plaid-y, scribble print.

the raw edges and gross undersides are a sight to behold, so poorly done. i cut everything out before i started, it sounded pretty easy, but no-sir. i saw this cute prarie floral triple-tiered dress in a little 60s fashion video a day or two before i made this, and because i didnt have two patterned fabrics that went well together, only patterns and solids, i decided four tiers would be much more complimentary.


like some sort of swamp monster.


Anonymous said...

that is very pretty!

sabertooth said...

thanks! im contemplating some type of trim to go onto the tiers, but that might really take it on a one-way trip to tackyland. what do you think?

Wren said...

This dress is so effing rad.

Fo realz!