whats been going on

bryan and i gave up on our fast that was supposed to last three days. that means, today i still wouldnt have eaten. and i wouldnt be able to eat until tomorrow morning. but we gave it up, and went to the burrito shop instead, then the cafe, then bryan got a new haircut, which was fun to watch, and he looks different than he did before which was fun to see,too. oh, and the library.

i wore one of my new wool skirts that doesnt really feel like wool, more like a soft animal nose, but i have another three to fix up before long, because ive had a hardish time getting dressed lately and because i cant figure out a new way of putting together getups im buying more and more of the same stuff. but when im not hemmin and elasticizin', im crocheting and knittin, thus the sore sore knittin knuckles. im making slippers, which ive made before, but my beef with house shoes and slippers and socks is that they can make me look either really square or they give me a cankle-y look, and even though i like warm feet and have to cover up my toes, i want to make a pair that finally suits me. and i did! tinkerbell slippers with big ole poms on the toes, theyre cute, flimsy and airy. and im knitting a second pair in a minty green, but dont know what color pom pom i should use, mabye black because i like those colors together, or ill go with white to keep it authentically tink.


the lonely goats came up to play on my walk home yesterday
the black one's a bit of a unicorn, they were only successful in removing one of his horns!

ive been slacking off in my driving classes, or sometimes i just forget, so today im leaving the screen up while i download some new music, and im listening to Marva Whitney which i like alot, and hopefully scratch off another five hours.

its thundering today even though its June, which i never saw coming (the month i mean, weather im not good at predicting anyway so i dont even try). orioles are eating our cherry tomatoes and we dont mind. weve got a baby barn owl in our owl house, and there are an inbred crop of bunnies running round the neighborhood with three ears on them! i almost saw one but it ran away, and theyre very tame. lots of wildlife to enjoy, so long as kitty doesnt eat anybody.

my moms trying to convince me that men will be on me like flies if i learn to play the accordion, how rude!

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Anonymous said...

i used to have an accordion, but jordan took it!