completely desperate for something to do

options include

clearly i should be studying. then when im done i could start with the other things. but i almost want to wait until tomorrow to get my studying done, which leaves me with three things i dont want to do, cant do, or would feel irresponsible doing.

i feel like this has been brought on by my summer school course, mabye the feeling of needing to study but it being so hot out is whats making it difficult to find the motivation. im sure that after i go on my walk ill want to study because i always feel more focused afterward, jens is out with the ipod now,though, so im sort of stuck.

pictures of the puppy pile. i found a cool jacket without buttons and a really really beautiful tooled leather purse that is very old but has a few holes in it that ill need to fix. my mom said "all of your things will fall out of it" which was silly thing to say. how ill go about sewing the holes back up, im not sure yet.

also, the woman who was selling the historic old piano bench from Leucadia town hall wasnt there, even though im not sure id want it afterall. i was going to buy it for the little space in my room i wanted to put a little sofa into, but i decided if it is a sofa im after, im not going to settle for anything else, even if it takes me another six months to find it.

all i really want to do is go to bed for the night.

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